Ultra ORION Completes World Tour in 2014

It has been a successful year for Ultra Electronics TCS’ flagship radio. The Ultra ORION completed a round of demonstrations and trials in four continents. Read on to learn more about its journey.

United States

Ultra ORION radios were successfully integrated and tested by US WIN-T 86th Expeditionary Signal Battalion (ESB) at the May Network Integration Evaluation (NIE 14.2) event in Fort Bliss, USA. The ORION was also trialed by US PM, Electro Optic/Infrared Payloads at their test range in Huntsville, Alabama. The tests leveraged ORION’s secure Wi-Fi and software-defined high-capacity waveforms to move full-motion video to end-user devices in order to support ISR Network Convergence efforts.


The radio permitted data exchange from divers to on-the-move boats to shore. High speed on-the-move video conferencing to a tactical rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB), live voice and data from divers inspecting the hull and constant on-the-move communications were demonstrated in Halifax during DEFSEC, a major maritime tradeshow.


Ultra ORION demonstrated long range ship-to-shore bidirectional video links at about 30 km. The trials showcased overwater communications between the shore and two on-the-move boats.


Ultra ORION demonstrated voice and data communications capability as part of a systems validation test. Orion passed all test and in addition established a 111 km point-to-point link, setting a new long distance record.


Ultra ORION radio system successfully achieved dual 400 Mbps links in a PTP Band 3/3+ repeater configuration for a total aggregate throughput of 800 Mbps through the repeater radio. It also established ATH and PMP on-the-move links with video conferencing.

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