Ultra ORION Solidifies its Global Presence in 2015

2015 has been another busy year for Ultra Electronics TCS’ ORION radio. Multiple demonstrations and trials were executed across the globe. Read on to learn more.

United States

Ultra TCS is taking part in an effort to modernize US air defense communications and converge legacy data into a modern IP architecture. ORION’s powerful waveform technology reduces IP network congestion and latency. The Patriot missile firing data was transported over IP microwave PMP links.


The Ultra ORION demonstrated high throughput real-time video and ISR data exchange for a Canadian organization. In rough sea conditions, it successfully interconnected multiple ships and their shore station, streaming boarding party video and other ISR data. It also served as a range extension for an underwater remote operated vehicle.


Ultra TCS provided multiparty videoconferencing between four remote sites and high speed on-the-move communications. PTP and PMP ORION links connected the headquarters to an on-the-move Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boat (RHIB). Long range on-the-move video was transmitted from the RHIB as well as HD surveillance camera footage of the craft. All of the full-motion video combined with multiparty videoconferencing and CNR voice traffic was delivered with outstanding quality to the remote headquarters

TCS also demonstrated a complete high-capacity network using fixed and on-the-move communications. Integrated C4ISR capabilities including CNR integration, VoIP, videoconferencing and network management were provided to the armed forces over the ORION network. The long range PTP links were operating at 200 Mbps while the PMP links were providing at-the-halt and mobile connectivity.

Middle East

A demonstration in the Middle East was conducted to show the efficiency and flexibility of the Ultra ORION radio. High-capacity PTP links across wide desert areas and PMP links to on-the-move assets enabled distribution of secure voice, video and data services.  The ORION solution was integrated in multiple shelter and mobile vehicles, using multiple frequency bands.


Ultra TCS showcased its microwave communications expertise in a European country. The transmission of bidirectional video and audio was demonstrated with high throughput, long range ORION links, using multiple waveforms inclusive of UltraHop high speed frequency hopping (ECCM). The ORION outperformed all competitors on range and throughput.


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