Canadian Armed Forces Armoury Renamed After Dr. Guglielmo Marconi

On July 3, 2015 the Glace Bay Armoury of the Canadian Armed forces 36 Signal Regiment was named the Dr. Guglielmo Marconi Armoury. To commemorate the event, Ultra Electronics TCS refurbished and presented to the armoury a AN/GRC-103 tactical radio. Designed half a century ago, the GRC-103 was considered a technology achievement and sold to military forces around the world, it remains in operation today with some of our customers.

TCS is proud of its rich history. In 1902, only a few months after Marconi demonstrated the viability of his wireless invention at Glace-Bay, he went to Montreal to establish a manufacturing facility. In 1903, he set up the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of Canada, a company that later, in 1925, was renamed the Canadian Marconi Company. In 2002, the Military Communications Division was acquired by Ultra Electronics and renamed “Ultra TCS”.

We are truly honoured that the Canadian Armed Forces commemorated Dr Marconi’s achievements by naming the Glace Bay Armoury after him. As an institution built on the Marconi legacy, Ultra Electronics TCS strives to honour its proud heritage by providing cutting-edge communication systems to worldwide military troops.


David Gough, Honorary Colonel of the 36 Signal and Denis Couillard, Director of Innovation, Ultra TCS unveil the AN/GRC-103 radio at the Marconi Armoury