The company is an equal opportunity employer, offering competitive compensation, comprehensive benefits, superior professional development and the opportunity to solve unique technical challenges, with complete involvement in a project’s life-cycle.

Ultra constantly seeks to be different from and better than other companies. This is true in our markets around the world – we seek to innovate and create better solutions to customers’ requirements than do our competitors. The culture we have inculcated in the Group is unique and marks Ultra out from other businesses. We also encourage members of the Ultra team to exhibit behaviors that help make the Group a very special place to work.

The four cultural behaviors of its people that are highly valued and encouraged by Ultra are


  • Determine the future direction and vision for the business
  • Communicate inspirationally that future
  • Inspire and energize your team, customers, suppliers and colleagues
  • Stimulate an innovative culture to release creativity
  • Enable business change to provide a greater and faster return on investment


  • Encouraging the whole business to be entrepreneurial
  • Seeking competitive advantage through the differentiation of offerings
  • Ensuring competitions are entirely biased in Ultra’s favor, while behaving ethically
  • Seeking to enhance the offering by teaming either internally or externally (e.g. to obtain capability, technology or market position)


  • Being daring or bold
  • Thinking of the bigger picture or opportunity
  • Being prepared to take a leap forward
  • Thinking the unthinkable to grow the business


  • Considering risks and leaving no stone unturned to secure (market) opportunities
  • Recognizing threats and making it difficult for competitors to steal our position
  • Constantly worrying about satisfying customers’ real needs
  • Considering every possible angle when strategizing bids to enhance our competitive position

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